Best Survival Walkie Talkies

You are planning that hunting trip with your family, or maybe your friends. You think you have everything sorted out, you have gotten food, the proper camping site, you have gotten your gear, and everything seems to be going fine. But have you gotten your walkies? If you answered Yes, then you are fine. Have a fun trip conquering the outdoors.

Bit if you said No. Stop whatever you are doing, stop your last-minute preparations, that fancy camera to document your journey would not save your life when push comes to shove, you know what will? Items like a good hunting knife, and a proper walkie talkie.

For whatever reason, you might become separated from your hunting or camping buddy; you might need to quickly communicate some important piece of information to your family at the camp. You might want to warn your children playing not too far from the camp, and on a lighter note, you might want to play some games with your loved ones. You can do all these and more with the right radio gear.

Considerations when choosing Communication Radios

There are many such radios in the market, everywhere you go you would see different manufacturers claiming they have the best, for a lot of different reasons they can not prove. SO you do not fall victim to many shoppers who buy fake or cheap knock-offs, we have compiled the following to guide you in your walkie talkie purchase. And they are:

Design: Seeing as the design is first on the list of considerations, you might be wondering why we are taking aesthetics quite important. This is because asides the fact that the radio should look good and be worth the second look, the design also includes other things like weight and button mapping. The walkie should not be so light that it falls off too easily, and also not so heavy that using it becomes a workout session. The button mapping talks about the size of the buttons and how easy it is to operate. In the camp, there might be a time you would have these radios in the hand of children; you want them to be able to operate it. These features might be the difference between life and death and should be taken very seriously.

Durability: It would not matter if your walkie has all the features you can wish for if it breaks or damages at first drop. You are wondering how you can determine the durability of a device at one look. You can not always predict with all accuracy, but there are some telltale signs. For example, the build quality would determine how easily it would fare in the wild. The quality of the plastic and the other small pieces that make up your device would give clues as to how durable it would be, and how much it can stand the test of time.

Battery Life: This could be the most important factor depending on how you look at it. It would not matter how well every other factor plays out when it is never on to be out to good use. A good communications device needs to be able to stay on for at least a day on a full charge. It must also be able to charge and should have a battery saving mode that sees the device consume less battery when not in use, to get more talk time with your family and buddies. I would highly recommend checking out The Walkie Talkie Guide and reviewing their guide on the best walkie talkies in 2020.

The Best Outdoor Communications Gear

The following is a list of the best walkies for all outdoor events. And they are:

1. Arcshell Two Way Radios

With a height of 4.53 inches, an antenna length of 4.3 inches, and weighing in at just 6.3oz. The device is nimble and can be easily held around; it is also waterproof and easy to operate by people of all ages. The radio is built with a high-quality speaker that delivers clear, crisp, sound for the smoothest communications; it features a built-in mic, push to talk button, and plugs for earphones to be connected.

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2. Retevis RT22 Pack of Six

This Walkie slides easily into the palms of your hands; it is the right weight and the right height so that it allows you to go about your business without any stress. The radio comes fitted with a quality speaker that ensures the best sound quality during communication, and this allows you to share information effortlessly. This walkie is ideal for any outdoor event, pick this up, and you would be glad you did.

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3. Motorola T200TP

One major problem is keeping your devices powered for as long as possible, with this you would not have that worry as it can be powered with rechargeable batteries that can keep you going half the day, or 3 AA batteries for more than a day. The device features up to 22 channels, each with over 120 privacy codes. It has an eco-smart feature that prevents most of the juice from wasting away during charging.

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4. DEWALT Heavy-Duty Long Range Radios

This is very popular amongst outdoorsmen for its long-range capabilities, the DeWalt radios provide stable, quality communications for up to 300,000 sq ft, with over 2500 channel combinations. This gorgeous device is IP67 rated, that is it is waterproof for about 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. It can be voice-activated for times when your hands might be busy or unable to reach the radio.

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