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U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Command (LOGCOM)

Last Revised: February 24, 2015, 7:47 pm

LOGCOM’s headquarters are in Albany, GA, and provide: worldwide integrated logistics; supply chain and distribution management; maintenance management; and strategic pre-positioning capability in support of the operating forces and other supported units. The services and support provided by LOGCOM maximize supported unit readiness; synchronize distribution processes; and support our Corps’ enterprise and program level total lifecycle management.

LOGCOM is our lead agency for the retrograde and reset of equipment returning from Afghanistan, and continues to expedite, track, and process principal end items and other classes of supply from Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). LOGCOM manages the enterprise lifecycle maintenance program that resets designated ground weapon systems, and provides critical sustainment logistics support to Marine forces currently deployed to Afghanistan.

The LOGCOM’s structure allows the execution of its core competencies via the following subordinate commands: MEF Support Teams co-located with each MEF and at Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters; liaison officers in the National Capital Region, at Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC); and the Defense Logistics Agency.

Blount Island Command (BIC)

BIC is located in Jacksonville, FL, and ensures that ground equipment and supplies associated with our afloat and ashore pre-positioning programs are at the highest state of readiness. BIC services our Corps’ entire Maritime Pre-Positioning fleet over consecutive three-year periods. BIC also services our equipment maintained in Europe as part of the MCPP. The BIC facility continues to expand to accommodate the anticipated requirements of the future MPF program. In addition to the MPF mission, BIC also manages the MEU Augmentation Program (MAP) by supporting the MEUs that serve as CENTCOM strategic reserve. The MAP is an inventory of equipment, mainly rolling stock and armored vehicles, on call in Kuwait.


MDMC’s headquarters are located aboard the Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA. MDMC and has two production plants, one in Albany, GA and one in Barstow, CA. MDMC reduces overhead, provides greater flexibility, and enables critical efficiencies to better support Marines in combat and in training by consolidating two separate headquarters of the formerly independent maintenance centers. MDMC exercises C2 over the operations and production of the two production plants from a single, consolidated CE. The production plants repair, rebuild, and modify all types of ground combat, combat support, and combat service support equipment. Both production plants have been designated as Centers of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITEs) for:

  • ground and amphibious combat and combat support systems
  • combat/tactical vehicles
  • automotive/construction equipment
  • ordnance/weapons
  • general-purpose equipment
  • communications/electronics equipment

Both production plants also have rapidly realigned capability and capacity to meet the immediate needs of the warfighter. This includes the ongoing deployment of maintenance teams to OEF to provide support for combat operations and the continuing execution of the reset of equipment retrograded from Afghanistan.


LOGCOM (Fwd) is located in Afghanistan and is primarily responsible for the retrograde of our equipment from Afghanistan by identifying, accounting for, and shipping equipment to its final destination.

Key LOGCOM (Fwd) tasks include:

  • managing several operational level logistics efforts designed to sustain the readiness of combat forces and allow them to focus on their tactical mission;
  • providing a forward-in-stores capability, which is an inventory of critical equipment that is used to replace damaged or destroyed items immediately instead of waiting for them to be shipped from the United States;
  • managing the principal end item rotation program, an effort designed to maintain a steady flow of refurbished equipment throughout the theater;
  • coordinating the use of all available in-theater maintenance resources to keep equipment combat-ready.


LOGCOM HQ Group is located aboard the Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA. LOGCOM HQ Group provides for the safety and welfare, ensures good order and discipline, and maintains individual readiness for all Marines and Sailors assigned to the headquarters and MDMC.

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