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Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway (MCPP-N)

Last Revised: February 11, 2016, 11:09 pm

MCPP-N enhances the operational responsiveness of all GCCDRs by providing mission-tailored, pre-positioned support to our expeditionary operations globally. In order to support a MAGTF built around an infantry battalion task force and composite aviation squadron, the addition of communications and ordnance assets is reshaping the existing equipment set. Adjustments to quantities of equipment and supplies currently stored in Europe provides a balanced equipment set appropriate to support the new force list. MCPP-N retains its primary role of augmenting up to a MEB-sized force to support the reinforcement of Europe and our expeditionary operations. MCPP-N materiel is stored in multiple locations and is available for rapid preparation and marshaling at aerial, sea, or rail ports of debarkation in support of deploying MAGTFs. This forward pre-positioning reduces reaction time and eliminates the need to otherwise deploy this equipment from locations in the continental United States, with all the attendant burdens on strategic lift that this would entail.

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