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Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S)

Last Revised: August 11, 2017, 9:23 am
  • An AV-8B Harrier passes over the Direct Air Support Center drill aboard Cherry Point.
  • Tactical air defense controllers and air control electronics operators with Marine Air Control Squadron 24, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing run simulations on the new Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) Sept. 12. The Marines received training on the new systems during their fielding of the new system, which was the final fielding in Phase I of the CAC2S program.

CAC2S will provide a complete and coordinated modernization of Marine Air Command and Control System (MACCS) equipment. CAC2S will eliminate current dissimilar systems and provide the MAGTF Combat Element with the hardware, software and facilities to effectively command, control and coordinate air operations integrated with naval, joint and/or combined C2 units. CAC2S will comprise standardized modular and scalable tactical facilities, hardware and software that will significantly increase battlefield mobility and reduce the physical size and logistical footprint of the MACCS.  CAC2S Phase 1 successfully completed its Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E) in 2011.  Subsequently, Phase 1 received its full deployment decision on 25 Oct 2011 and limited deployment capability in February 2012.  Phase 2 successfully achieved Milestone C decision in 31 Mar 2015 and IOT&E in Apr 2016.  A Fielding Decision Review (FDR) was conducted on 11 Aug 2016 and ADM signed on 25 August 2016.

Operational View: 
CAC2S Operational View
Operational Impact: 

CAC2S has been restructured with an approved revised acquisition strategy. Increment I of the CAC2S will be accomplished through a two (2) phased approach. Phase 1 has addressed the requirements to establish the baseline CAC2S capabilities for the MACCS and improve Aviation Command & Control performance and effectiveness. Phase 2 will address the requirements for remaining ACE Battle Management and Command and Control requirements. Limited Deployment Capability (LDC) was achieved 2QFY12 with
the initial fielding of Phase 1. Phase 1 completed its fielding 4QFY13.  Phase 2 completion will result in the delivery of the full CAC2S Increment I capabilities and is planned to begin fielding in FY17.

Program Milestone Status: 

CAC2S Increment I  consists of Phase 1 and Phase 2.  Phase 1 is in Sustainment Phase; Phase 2 achieved FDR in 4QFY16.

Program Procurement: 
Phase 1 FDD (IOC), 1QFY12 MAIS terminology for IOC IOC is Limited Deployment Capability, achieved in Feb 2012. MAIS terminology for FOC is Full Deployment (FD), CAC2S FD is for CAC2S Increment I (Phase 1 and Phase 2).

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