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Information Operations (IO)

Last Revised: July 10, 2014, 2:09 pm

The past decade has witnessed fundamental changes in the information environment, which makes availability and access to information more prevalent than in the past. For this reason, we must develop and maintain the ability to influence the content and flow of information to potential adversaries, as well as foreign civilian audiences in the area of operations.

Marines overcome uncertainty and adversity through the innovative application of combined arms. IO is a natural extension and evolution of our Corps’ combined arms mind-set and maneuverist tradition of taking the initiative embodied within MCDP-1 Warfighting.

IO seeks to integrate and synchronize information related capabilities with maneuver to target the enemy’s decision-making cycle while enhancing our own, whether applied in shaping the operational environment to deter conflict or in enabling decisive maneuver.

The targeting means is secondary to the deliberately induced lethal or non-lethal effects that produce operational advantages for the commander. Ultimately the focus is always upon creating exploitable operational conditions which lead to accomplishment of the unit’s mission.

Our Corps’ Operating Concept for IO is intended to promote discussion and to serve as the catalyst for innovative planning throughout our Corps, while focused within the MAGTF.1

1Preamble to Marine Corps Operating Concept for Information Operations by R.P. Mills, LTG USMC, DC CD&I signed FEB 2013.

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