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MAGTF Command and Control (C2) Vision Statement

Last Revised: April 4, 2014, 12:46 am

MAGTF C2 focuses on the simple premise of getting the right information to the right Marines at the right time in order to make timely and informed decisions. MAGTF C2 is leader-centric, network-enabled, and is intended to support the continuous decision-making cycle of commanders at every level to ensure they are positioned to best plan, direct, coordinate, and control. Networked C2 capabilities will connect all elements of the MAGTF with Joint forces and mission partners to create unparalleled information sharing and collaboration, adaptive organizations, and a greater unity of effort via synchronization and integration of force elements at the lowest levels. Commanders will have the ability to command and control disaggregated forces across great distances, which allows Enhanced MAGTF Operations (EMO) down to the company level and below. MAGTF C2 has, at its core, the following ideas:

  • commander/leader centric
  • network-enabled
  • information assurance (IA)
  • collaborative
  • shared situational understanding
  • performed by all echelons
  • can be performed anywhere in the operational environment


As the CE Advocate, the DC, CD&I has published the CE Roadmap for FY14. Our Corps must envision and embrace emerging domains and opportunities, such as cyber and space, and fully integrate related capabilities into our combined arms toolkit. The commander’s arsenal will enable the defeat of the enemy, whether the enemy is hunger in a humanitarian relief operation, insurgents in regional stabilization operations, or enemy attack aircraft during a forcible-entry operation. It is on this canvas that we will plan and integrate CE capabilities to promote agile, adaptive, and integrated skills to support a commander’s ability to command and control the MAGTF. C2 serves as the commander’s primary weapon system to execute the art and science of expeditionary maneuver warfare in the air, on land and sea. This Roadmap is intended to provide an evolutionary path forward for the CE while also sustaining linkages to the FY12 and FY13 MAGTF C2 Roadmaps.

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