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Marine Civil Information Management System (MARCIMS)

Last Revised: July 10, 2014, 2:09 pm

MARCIMS consists of two main entities, a mobile collection device and a semantic-wiki. The semantic-wiki is an authenticated and protected website for information collaboration purposes. The mobile device is a COTS product with a MARCIMS application. Operating in the civil military environment, collectors can input civil information into the application via standardized forms.

The completed forms are transmitted wirelessly over the internet to the MARCIMS database for publishing on the MARCIMS website. This password protected site allows approved JIIM partners access to the information, as well as the ability to compile data for presentation to commanders at any level.

Operational View: 
MARCIMS Operational View
Operational Impact: 

One of the many lessons learned from the numerous humanitarian assistance operations conducted in the past five years is that U.S. Government Agencies and their inter-governmental and multi-national partners do not have processes to allow the sharing of unclassified civil information.

In a Humanitarian crisis, sharing of civil information in a timely matter with the appropriate organizations can mean life or death to thousands of civilians and the success or failure of our Corps' response. MARCIMS allows for the sharing of this unclassified information with approved partners operating on the ground around our Corps’ forces.

As we continue to improve its interoperability with Joint and Interagency partners, MARCIMS spearheads the way for automated sharing of unclassified Civil Information.

Program Milestone Status: 

MARCIMS originated from a development program in the MARFORPAC Experimentation Center. In January 2014, it transitioned out of an S and T project into a Program of Record managed by MCSC. It has been used in overseas training exercises such as Balikatan and Cobra Gold in 2012 and 2013 as part of Civil Military Operations objectives. Following testing in February 2014, MARCIMS will reach IOC in July 2014, and subsequently FOC in June of 2015.

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