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Networking On-The-Move-Airborne Increment 2 (NOTM-A Inc 2)

Last Revised: August 11, 2017, 10:50 am

NOTM-A is a suite of equipment, capable of being fitted to the KC-130J Hercules and MV-22 Osprey aircraft , which provides: (1) An airborne en route mission planning and over-the-horizon/beyond-line-of-sight (OTH/BLOS) communication and collaboration capability. The NOTM-A shall be capable of installation/configuration within 60 minutes, and rapid disembarkation from its host airframe in preparation for future missions. (2) An antenna for the satellite communications system on host aircraft that may necessarily vary between airframe types, but with network management equipment and C2 components that are airframe agnostic. (3) Internal secure wireless LAN access point for staff personnel to perform digital C2 functions in the SATCOM host aircraft. (4) Access to the global information grid and Marine Corps enterprise network may initially be accomplished via commercial network access.

Operational Impact: 

NOTM-A provides secure BLOS communications to  MV-22 aircraft as well as an en-route planning capability that will address urgent and compelling C2 capability gaps for a crisis response force while en-route to an objective during long range raid operations.  NOTM-A fulfills an urgent and compelling capability gap of crisis response forces for en route BLOS C4ISR, without which could result in mission failure and unnecessary loss of life.

Program Milestone Status: 

Abbreviated Acquisition Program (AAP) initiated via USON, Program Initiation Milestone/Date:  MS C/9 Sep 16.  Last ADM:  Program initiation 9 SEP 16

Program Procurement: 
IOC Estimated 1st Quarter FY18 Initial Operational Capability (IOC) is defined as equipment fielding and NET complete ISO one SPMAGTF-CR - within the guidelines of MCO 3900.17 and DoDD 5000.71. FOC Estimated 4th Quarter FY18 Full Operational Capability (FOC) is defined as equipment fielding and NET complete ISO both SPMAGTF-CRs - within the guidelines of MCO 3900.17 and DoDD 5000.71.
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