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Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Last Revised: February 25, 2014, 3:37 pm
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Technology


The MCISR-E is the synergistic integration of all Service ISR elements into a single capability or system networked across all echelons and functional areas, which includes the operating forces, supporting establishment, systems, and personnel in order to achieve superior decision-making and enhance mission success.

The MCISR-E acquisition strategy exploits technological advances and creates efficiencies in acquisition by leveraging the Information System construct and utilizing common hardware/software to the maximum extent. The end-state is a lighter, more adaptable family of ISR systems capable of supporting the MAGTF and Joint Commanders across the ROMOs.

Through our enterprise capabilities, ISR also leverages national, joint, and CSA capabilities to address MAGTF requirements, while serving as a contributing partner to those agencies.

MCISR-E is comprised of the personnel, doctrine, policies, organizations, training, education, equipment, and facilities, which provide the ways and means to enable ISR support to the MAGTF, joint forces, and the Supporting Establishment. The MCISR-E strategy continues to implement an enterprise solution in which all ISR functions, sources, and methods across the total force, leverage and share for operational success. The equipment acquisition strategy initially focuses on the intelligence processing, exploitation, analysis, and production systems within the Distributed Common Ground/Surface System Marine Corps (DCGS-MC).

Other functions of the MCISR-E include persistent ISR and intelligence dissemination and utilization. Persistent ISR provides the means for tasking, directing, and collecting, while intelligence dissemination and utilization addresses the systems associated with dissemination, use, and feedback of intelligence. Through persistent ISR, our Corps seeks to build a holistic collection strategy that includes joint and national ISR assets, as well as a variety of organic battlefield sensors capable of providing non-traditional ISR support.

For our Corps’ Intelligence to remain effective, it must evolve and adapt to the changing demands of the modern battlefield and the capabilities offered by advances in technology. Through our enterprise capabilities, Marine Corps ISR also leverages national, joint, and CSA capabilities to address MAGTF requirements, and serves as a contributing partner to those agencies. The MCISR-E acquisition strategy will focus on providing an adaptive and flexible ISR framework that supports the intelligence requirements of a multi-capable MAGTF as it executes expeditionary operations against hybrid threats in a complex environment. The equipment transition plan must establish business processes for combat development and acquisition for MCISR-E, and includes: architecture, development of a Common Computing Environment (CCE) between elements, and streamline requirements for document protection.

The programs discussed in this section will enable the MAGTFs to exercise effective C2 and conduct ISR operations. In addition, these programs support the ability of the MAGTFs to participate in or lead joint and multi-national operations.

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