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Ocular Interruption System (OIS)

Last Revised: May 8, 2014, 3:04 pm
  • Ocular Interruption System Programmatic View
    OIS Composite Image
Operational View: 
OIS Operational View
Program Milestone Status: 

OIS is scheduled to achieve a Milestone C decision in 4th Qtr, FY14. Initial OT&E is planned for FY15. Procurement plans include a total of 1,848 systems, with IOC scheduled for FY16 and FOC in FY19.


The OIS is a permanent replacement for the GLARE MOUT 532P-M and LA-9/P Green Beam Laser Systems, which were fielded to our units in the CENTCOM AOR in response to an Urgent Universal Need Statement.

The OIS is a weapons-mounted or handheld dazzling laser employed during our missions where EoF TTPs are employed to provide a non-lethal, force protection, and force application capability.

The device will use bright coherent light to cause a visual field obscuration to warn and suppress targeted personnel at ranges from 10 to 500 m.

The risk of inadvertent lasing from the OIS is mitigated through the use of automatic engineering controls. Additionally, the OIS will possess an inherent capability to visually suppress targeted individuals as the range from operator to target decreases.

Operational Impact: 

The OIS is employed by our forces across the ROMO to provide a visual warning to personnel approaching lethal force authorized zones. The OIS will allow Marines engaged in combat, stability and security, and force protection operations to employ an intense visual cueing device to hail and warn personnel and vehicle operators at safe standoff distances.

The effective range of the OIS and its ability to automatically regulate dazzling laser energy to keep it below hazardous levels will allow us to challenge potential threats at greater distances than currently available while minimizing fatalities and limiting collateral damage.

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