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Providing Capable Bases and Stations

Last Revised: February 25, 2014, 4:51 pm
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Our Corps’ installations are key national defense assets, which offer a unique combination of ocean, coastal, riverine, inland, and airspace training areas. They are essential components in the foundation of our national defense as they directly support the combat readiness of the Marine Corps Operating Forces. Installations are the force projection platforms that support training, sustainment, mobilization, deployment, embarkation, redeployment, reconstitution, and force protection.

Our installations have entered an era of rapid change and face significant challenges in providing high quality base support, meeting stringent federal mandates to reduce energy and water consumption, mitigating environmental concerns, and improving sustainability. Additionally, our installations face threats to their long-term operational viability from incompatible development near critical training ranges and maneuver areas.

Our installations are a critical component of the Supporting Establishment and constitute the “fifth element” of the MAGTF, and are fundamental to combat readiness, essential training provisions, and support for the launch, sustainment, and reconstitution of Marine Corps Operating Forces. Installations are integral to the quality of life of Marines, Sailors, and their families.


  • About Concepts and Programs

    The vision of the Concepts and Programs project is to provide political and military leaders with timely, accurate, and relevant information. The Concepts and Programs project is the premier strategic communications vessel the Marine Corps relies on to inform Congress, the Office of Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Think Tanks about the Corps’ vision.