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Keeping Faith with Marines, Sailors, and their Families

Last Revised: March 3, 2015, 1:17 pm
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We expect and require extraordinary loyalty from our Marines and Sailors — loyalty to country, family, and Corps. Our Nation has been at war for more than a decade, placing unprecedented burdens on Marines, Sailors, families, Wounded Warriors, and the families of the fallen. They have all made tremendous sacrifices, many in the face of danger. Our commitment to our Marines and their families remains unwavering.
As we draw down and in an era of fiscal austerity, we must find ways to maintain the high standard of family support. We will evaluate our programs and develop a plan with a bias toward decentralizing decision-making and resource allocation –providing the resources, policies and standards to the local commanders who will use the resources available to develop the most effective programs for their particular installation or command. We will work to meet the critical needs of our families during times of deployment and in garrison by providing the services, facilities, and programs to develop the strength and skills needed to thrive while facing the challenges of operational tempo. Our Corps will seek out every possible resource to restore our wounded, injured, or ill Marines to health. For Marines who desire to return to active duty, we will afford all opportunities to do so, and for those who are unable to do so, our goal is to transition them responsibly to civilian life. The Corps supports and protects the spouses and families of its wounded and its fallen Marines. It has been, and always will be a primary focus with several areas and programs central to our tenet of "Keeping faith with Marines, attached Sailors, and their families."

Last Update: 3 March 2015

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