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Preparing for Tomorrow's Fight

Last Revised: February 24, 2014, 10:53 am
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In addition to our traditional crisis response and expeditionary capabilities, our Corps has reinforced contributions to our Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARFORSOC), Marine Forces Cyber Command (MARFORCYBER), and Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group (MCSCG). The focus is on three critical areas: cyber warfare, special operations, and security cooperation. Modern armed forces cannot conduct high-tempo, effective operations without reliable information and communication networks with assured access to cyberspace and data. MARFORCYBER focuses on our organic cyber capabilities and capacities needed to retain speed, precision, and lethality. MARFORSOC is our Corps’ contribution to the U.S. SOCOM and provides critically needed capability and capacity to theater special operations commands supporting both Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and the GCC operational requirements. MCSCG capitalizes on our theater security cooperation and partnership activities with allies and partners; provides our leaders with strategic options to shape outcomes; prevents conflicts; strengthens “at-risk” states; and denies enemy safe-havens.

  • About Concepts and Programs

    The vision of the Concepts and Programs project is to provide political and military leaders with timely, accurate, and relevant information. The Concepts and Programs project is the premier strategic communications vessel the Marine Corps relies on to inform Congress, the Office of Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Think Tanks about the Corps’ vision.